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Mindset to innovation: Dutch law firms are European leaders

Mindset to innovation: Dutch law firms are European leaders

Dutch lawyers and tax advice firms are European leaders in terms of the mindset for innovation. Compared to other European countries, the Netherlands is also at the forefront of transformation and the resources made available for innovation.

This is apparent from a report 'European Legal and Tax Innovation Study' that was commissioned by Lefebvre Sarrut and Sdu. Yet Dutch offices, like other offices in other European countries, are lagging behind the actual implementation of new technologies, work forms and partnerships.

The report can be downloaded here in its entirety.

Two law firms are active within the Dutch Blockchain Coalition: CMS and Pels Rijcken.

CMS & Dutch Blockchain Coalition
CMS sees the importance of innovation. They invest in gaining in-depth knowledge of new technological developments that can affect both our services and those of our clients. CMS also has an active role within the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and the ecosystem in which we are constantly building, we are able to advise on the application and legal and privacy-related issues of blockchain and smart contracts. In addition, CMS assists various start-ups with their questions about tokenization and we advise Fintech companies with the introduction of innovative services. We share the knowledge we gain with clients and with the market because we are convinced that this contributes to the development of innovation. Read the entire message here.

Pels Rijcken & Dutch Blockchain Coalition
Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage, lawyer-partner at Pels Rijcken, in the innovation, privacy and technology section: "By being part of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition we are directly involved in the development of social innovation. This is entirely in line with the ambition of Pels Rijcken to improve the Dutch innovation climate We believe that innovation is legally possible, so our lawyers take IT and programming courses to help develop a blockchain application that complies with laws and regulations right from the start of the innovation process."


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