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Blockstart is a GO!

Blockstart is a GO!

The three-and-a-half-year project will be supported by Interreg Northwest Europe and will have a budget of five million Euros at its disposal.

Solutions for the health, logistics and agrifood sectors
Many small- to medium-sized companies find it difficult to get started with new technologies since the scale of SMEs is often too small, among other reasons. The Blockstart project is designed to make this possible. Working together, these partners form an international ecosystem of business networks, incubators and blockchain experts. They will identify and take on the greatest challenges facing SMEs in health, logistics and agrifood. This ecosystem then provides business support, networking opportunities and a testing environment.

Companies that are interested in the Blockstart project can contact the SME desk at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus via Participation is free of charge for SMEs.


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