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Blockchain partnerships in Brussels

Blockchain partnerships in Brussel

At EU level too, parties from all corners of society are working together on blockchain.

The first phase of the European Blockchain Partnership was completed on 6 December. With this group, we thought about the guidelines and technical specifications for a European Blockchain Infrastructure. A report on this will be delivered in January. In addition, we have selected a number of use cases on which we will work together within Europe, namely: Self Sovereign Identity, Diplomas and Tax Registers. The first two cases correspond to the use cases that we will also pick up from DBC. Together with Germany and Belgium, we have taken the initiative within Europe to prepare a Horizon2020 and a CEF call, so that we can use these subsidies to further investigate and test the use cases together. In 2019 we will regularly report on our involvement in the various EU consultations.

In the Netherlands we have brought government, industry and science together in the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. Within Europe this 'triple helix' is designed in a somewhat different way, there are three different bodies:

  1. European Blockchain Partnership, a group of representatives from the government.
  2. EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, a mix of advisors and scientists with the aim of identifying important initiatives, monitoring developments and inspiring joint actions.
  3. International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications, a group of representatives from the business community and the startup community.


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